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Lean Thinking’ Workshops

We run Public and ‘In-house’ ‘Lean Thinking’ training events including:

‘Lean Service’ Workshops: Specifically targeted at service-based businesses (including private and public businesses – e.g. hospitals; government, etc).

‘Lean Manufacturing’ Workshops: Suits all organisation types (since even manufacturers have admin and service-based elements), and covers some elements in more depth than the Service-based workshops.

‘In-house’ workshops can be customised to meet specific client needs.

“As you know, before participating in your workshop, I was skeptical as to the benefit it would produce. As a Director, and having worked in this business for 25 years, I was astonished by the ability of your Lean Thinking workshop to fundamentally change the way we see many of the business practices within our company. From Day 1 of the workshop we could already see a number of simple things that we could do within the business to increase productivity and better utilise our resources.

It’s been just on 4 weeks since we participated in the workshop, and we’ve already implemented some simple and cost-free changes that are saving us around $10,000 a week. I can see that this is just the tip of the iceberg! Future changes are going to enable us to significantly reduce costs and manufacturing times while improving our quality and making it a better place to work for our employees. I’m keen to send more of our employees to your next workshop so that we can accelerate the gains.

My sincere thanks,”

Anthony Gardiner, [former] Director, JDN Monocrane.
(Reproduced with permission.)

If you want to know more about ‘how’ we help companies get real results, have a listen to this audio:

– Why we’re about RESULTS…NOT TRAINING!

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