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Visual communication is part of great customer service.

By Dennis Keay

I recently went on holiday and pre-booked a cabin at a caravan park. On the day we were due to arrive we were delayed, so our arrival was going to be well after midnight. So, I phoned the caravan park during office hours and asked them how to access the cabin after hours. Bev, the lovely lady at reception, told me she’d leave a map on the reception door (stuck to the inside so that no one could take it), leave the cabin unlocked, put the keys on the table, and put the heater on because it was going to be a cold night. It’s these little things and attention to detail that speak volumes in terms of great customer service and an efficiently run business.

The picture below shows the map. To make things extra clear, Bev drew how to get from reception to our cabin. Clear, simple, visual, and much appreciated in the very tired bleary-eyed condition in which we arrived.

It’s perhaps not surprising that we found the accommodation spotlessly clean and everything neatly arranged, including cutlery and kitchen utensils. (No shadow board, but still a good example at the philosophy of workplace organisation. 🙂)

I later enquired as to the age of the cabin. They told me it was 4-5 years old, though I’d have believed them if they said it was just 1 or 2.

The whole experience left us with a great first and lasting impression…including an impression of professionalism. Of course, we’ll be happy to recommend them to others…and isn’t that what every business wants!?

Examples of good business practices and pride in the workplace can be found anywhere, including caravan parks! Next time you’re out and about, even in the shopping centre, tune-in and see what great examples of simple visual communication and customer service you can find…and adopt in your workplace…and please let us know…we’re always happy to learn and share.

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