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Struggling to hire skilled trades-people for your business? Have you tried this…

Lots of businesses we’ve spoken with over the past several months have told us their biggest problem is that they don’t have enough skilled trades-people to meet demand, and they can’t get any more!  They’re even having trouble getting trades-assistants!

What’s worse is, because higher wages are being offered elsewhere, they’re losing some of the tradies they’ve got, and can’t afford to pay more to keep them!

Even if they’re lucky and do get a new recruit, they worry that that person will soon leave because of a better offer elsewhere. Does any of this sound familiar?   If so, there might be something you can do.

We start by phrasing the problem a little differently.

We ask the seemingly silly question, “Why do you need more tradies?”, and the general answer we get is, “Obviously, we can’t do all the work we need to do, AND we’re having to say NO to new business.”

Then we then dig a little deeper: “So, why do you need to do more work and get new business?”, and we get an answer like, “Simple! We want to make more money and grow.”

Now that we’ve identified a deeper ‘Why’, we can turn the focus from ‘How can we get more tradies?’, to, ‘How can we make more money and grow the business?

We have a multi-pronged approach to answering that question, and it will vary a little from business to business, but in general it includes:

  • Becoming more efficient in very specific areas of the business so that more work can easily be completed with less resources
  • Being very selective of the work taken on so that higher net margins are achieved

thereby helping the business increase its capacity and make more money.

This also puts it in a better position to offer higher wages or provide specific bonuses.

More than that, we know that keeping and attracting skilled workers IS a valid part of the solution, so we also focus on ways, other than just money, to increase employee retention and make the business an employer of choice. We always look for WIN-WIN solutions.

So the real question is, if you are struggling to attract more skilled tradespeople, are you open to a supplementary approach to help you get more product out the door faster without simply relying on additional team members to do it?

Want to know how to do it? Feel free to reach out via .

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