From our RAVING fans

The interactive format is a great way for people at all levels to learn and create real solutions back at their workplace.

David Curwood - Operations Manager Ross Cosmetics

As an employer I would be happy to implement Lean principles in the exact manner conveyed.

Kelvin Lindsay - Production Manager Swift Metal Services

Good practical examples. Great group participation.

Andrew Wigg - Operations Manager CMC Coil steels

Great workshop! Massive waste-reduction opportunities using simple methods and tools presented.

Russell Harland - Managing Director Equipment Management International

Enjoyed this very much. A great participating group who helped ensure an engaged discussion.

Sally Campbell - Exec. Director - Business Development Melbourne Health

This workshop demonstrates clearly the benefits of applying the systems in to the work flow within all organisations.

Wolfgang Wicher - Owner Dyechem Industries

Course was an eye opener. I will be able to use the content in actual manufacturing lines at the plant.

Peter Wright - Site Manager - Frame and Truss Bunnings

This has generated interest in our jobs again, knowing how to make the hours at work more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Norma Garner - Personal Assistant Propharma

The program was effective, tackled all aspects of Lean, gave great insights into how we apply the principles and watch for pitfalls.

Dina Pratt - Group HR Manager ANCA
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