From our RAVING fans

Hands-on simulations were highly educational and a lot of fun.

Simon Kowalyk - Industry Skills Advisor DIIRD / Swinburne

Very valuable workshop.

Nez Avdic Tieman

We really enjoyed the lean workshop sessions. The most interesting bit was the simulation runs— creating artificial bottlenecks, and then resolving quality issues, set-up time reduction and optimising line efficiency etc was really great! Enjoyed to the fullest extent!.

Ashok Prasad - Senior Engineer Hawker De Havilland

I found the workshop to be enlightening and it opens up the mind to new ideas.

Darrin King - Senior Compounder Ross Cosmetics

The workshop is very very good.

Jasvir Singh - Production Manager/Continuous Improvement Manager Hilton Manufacturing

Some real food for thought with techniques to use in an office/administrative process/policy development / implementation environment.

Ian Vague - Manager - Office of the Under Secretary Department of Human Services

Being involved with various lean programs I found this approach much more beneficial. The simulation approach was a great example of understanding the methodology and different skills required to implement Lean. The maturity profile was a great tool to identify current and future improvement opportunities.

Robert Giammario - Process Improvement Manager Tieman

Simple but remarkably relevant hands on process was utilized to demonstrate lean concepts.

Maurice Gonella AI Aerosonde

Very interesting! The course has been beneficial and I can see that we will be able to put a lot of this into place.

Jason Birtwistle - General Manager MES
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