“This workshop has enabled me to re-evaluate LEAN and productivity as it applies to our business, and given me ideas to implement in the business. Even though we have tackled this subject over the past few years, this workshop was very valuable experience.”

Tim Shaw, Managing Director, Micreo Ltd

“Excellent exercise and a great opportunity to understand relevant and practical system applications. Lean Logic has provided us with easily understood practical philosophies and processes that if adopted and sustained must deliver improved efficiencies and deeper bottom-line results to any business. A great experience!”

Wayne Weller, General Manager, Ambassador Industrial

“I have studied this topic extensively in the past, but this course was very well presented and some of the explanations were very good, simple and clear compared to presentations I’ve attended in the past.”

Dennis Luchtefeld, Operations Management, SORD USA

“Excellent workshop – well worth the trip from Brisbane (to Melbourne). Many great ideas on how we can improve our business in an ever increasingly competitive and difficult market place.”

Jeff Abell, Chief Operations Officer, Micreo Ltd

“The course has provided insight across many levels of the company. It has been a great opportunity for management, supervision and leading-hand personnel. Dennis has been able to clearly display the advantages of lean manufacturing and I look forward to Glyde Metal embracing this.”

Russell Dickson, General Manager, Glyde Metal Industries

“The event was well structured and paced. I would recommend the workshop to others.”

Pierre Sidorow, General Manager, SEM Fire and Rescue

“Good examples and discussions. Very well facilitated. The workshop not only allowed me to cover the principles of lean manufacturing, but to also learn about other companies and their lean transformations.”

Ben Ting, Industrial Engineer, Thales Group

“Excellent course – very informative and enjoyable. Good opportunities to interact in near-real-life situations in the manufacturing environment. Excellent knowledge of the subject by the course instructor, Dennis, helped me understand the content.”

Darren Wanty, Engineering, Micreo Ltd

“This course opened the door to many new ideas and reinforced existing ideas. Sharing of real-life business issues was illuminating. We are not alone!”

Sue Bell, Administration, Belmatic Industries

“A concise and straight forward course that opens up minds for a hidden treasure. A great start for a Lean journey”.

Hwan Wang, Production Management, Trakka Corp

“Examples and videos shown were eye openers. Hands-on lego simulation gave opportunities to think outside the box and laterally.”

Arvind Metri

Lean Engineer, Air Radiators

“This course gave us a fantastic insight into the hidden opportunities within our business.”

Stephen MacDonald

General Manager, Albins Off Road Gear

“Excellent seminar and good value use of Enterprise Connect.”

Keith Pomeroy

General Manager, Integra Packaging

“Good practical insight into important issues of LEAN with real potential to have desired impact early in the implementation thereof.”

Gerald Parker

GM Crystalaid Manufacture

“Very informative, excellent presentation.”

Ian Edwards

Albins Off Road Gear

“Presented well, walked away with lots of ideas to implement at work.”

Paul Cipressi

Uneek Bending

“A very hands on and practical course that offers insight into some valuable tools. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Well put together course with great material.”

David Pitzpatrick

Production Manager, Uneek Bending

“I received great ideas! Thankyou.”

Claudio Bustos

A. Bending

“A hands-on course with real tools that can be taken back and implemented in the workplace. Good practical team demonstration / workshop that showed the value of the assessments and action plans.”

Annette Dyer

Sales Administration Supervisor, Boral Concrete

“Very good course and engaging simulation. Well worth the investment in time!”

Mike Barnfield

Kerry Excellence Program Lead, Kerry Ingredients

“Dennis & Paul really know their Lean stuff and gave us (experienced Lean practitioners) more tips and advice to use in our work.”

Richard Chapman

Lean and Six Sigma Improvement Project Leader, Dep’t Human Services

“The course has been insightful and confirmed that I am on the right track with my team for the start of the ARC Lean Journey and has been a very enjoyable learning experience.”

Alastair Conway

Lean Manufacturing Operations Manager, Vic/Tas, ARC(Australian Reinforcing Company)

“An eye opener! Vital to any business in all departments.”

Cheryl Patton

Administration Manager, AGS Group

“The course structure was good in presenting the lean principles as one package.”

John Macague

roduction Planner, Thales

“The simulation is an excellent tool. It is very easy to relate back to real workplace situations and real improvement opportunities. Really ties together many tools learnt from previous training.”

Andrew Goff

Operations Manager, CMC Coil Steels

“The program is great – it involves all participants and you can utilize Lean in all areas of the company (e.g. Production, Manufacturing, Distribution and Office.)”

Jim Koulas

Supply Chain Manager, PSW

“I found Lean Capabilities open doors o new ideas at our workplace.”

Joe Mikhael

Leading Hand – CMC Coil Steels

“Excellent content and shows that “Leaning by Doing” really works! Could see takeaways immediately for manufacturing and service /office environments.”

Robin Owen

Program Manager, Dep’t Innovation, Industry & Regional Development

“Essential learning for both operational & office personnel at all levels”

David Holmes

Thales Australia

“Very well structured and presented workshop. An eye opener showing how small and simple changes, when analysed and conducted in a structured manner, can have significant impact to the operation.”

Darko Milosevic

Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited

“A fantastic course which is relevant to any business.”

Jason Fellows

Equipment Management International

“Dennis Keay did a wonderful job to give understanding about Lean manufacturing in a short time.“

Shahid Ali


“Excellent presentation of familiar subjects, but simulation exceeded previous training sessions by others.”

Terry Blythman

Mackay Consolidated Industries

“Course was excellent in showing how teamwork is integral with lean manufacturing.”

Simon Connaughton

Engineering Supervisor, Tieman

“Great hands-on practical learning.

Darren Martin

Drafting Supervisor, AG Coombs

“Enjoyable, easy to learn. Will recommend to others in organisation.”

David Arms


“Simulation of Lean with Theory of Constrataints is very good, as are the practical exercises.”

Matt Wagenfeld

General Manager, Realtek

“Very good, very interactive. Would recommend course to anyone in any area of work as it can be adapted.”

Josh Fraser

Equipment Analyst, Equipment Maintenance International

“The simulations was very well constructed, informative, engaging and a lot of fun.”

Simon Lane


“I found the simulations very relevant.”

Kevin Fredericks


“A great course, well presented.”

Brenden Jennion


“Informative and very good value. Highly recommended.”

Byron Hodges

Admin Management, Ambassador Industrial

“Dennis Keay has a very good understanding of ‘Lean’. Moreover, he has the ability to communicate his knowledge, and his presentation is of high standard. I recommend him!”

Grant Peden

Industry Engagement Manager, Thales Australia

“This was an excellent course and it really gets you thinking.”

Andrew Dugan

General Manager, Hardchrome Engineering

“Solid and informative workshop on Lean Manufacturing/Thinking. Looking forward to applying these principles in our business.”

David Karney

General Manager, Metal Treatment Services

“Good value ideas to take back to work and implement.”

Wayne Madin


“I know that I will be able to use some of the methods form this course to make major changes to improve my line at work and assist others. Thanks!”

Corey Zahra


“The information received during this course will help me implement change in my own work place.”

Roger Williams

Gryffin P/L

“I suggest all companies that need to compete in the market today send some of their employees to this course.”

Malcolm Edwards

A.W. Bell

“I found this course far more enlightening than I could have imagined. The three days have added significant armoury to the Business Improvement Group at Tenix Marine.”

Tom Le Grice

Business Improvement Specialist, Tenix Marine (BAE)

“This course certainly opened my eyes to new opportunities in all aspects of our business.”

Scott Daniels

EHSQ Manager, Evonik Degussa Australia

“Great introduction to Lean principles. Great participant interaction & engagement with simulations.”

Victoria Jones

Business Improvement Manager, Metricon Homes

“The program was effective, tackled all aspects of Lean, gave great insights into how we apply the principles and watch for pitfalls.”

Dina Pratt

Group HR Manager – ANCA

“This has generated interest in our jobs again, knowing how to make the hours at work more enjoyable and fulfilling.”

Norma Garner

Personal Assistant, Propharma

“Course was an eye opener. I will be able to use the content in actual manufacturing lines at the plant.”

Peter Wright

Site Manager, Frame and Truss, Bunnings

“This workshop demonstrates clearly the benefits of applying the systems in to the work flow within all organisations.”

Wolfgang Wicher

Owner, Dyechem Industries

“Enjoyed this very much. A great participating group who helped ensure an engaged discussion.”

Sally Campbell

Exec. Director, Business Development, Melbourne Health

“Great workshop! Massive waste-reduction opportunities using simple methods and tools presented.”

Russell Harland

Managing Director, Equipment Management International

“Good practical examples. Great group participation.”

Andrew Wigg

Operations Manager – CMC Coil steels

“As an employer I would be happy to implement Lean principles in the exact manner conveyed.”

Kelvin Lindsay

Production Manager – Swift Metal Services

“The interactive format is a great way for people at all levels to learn and create real solutions back at their workplace.”

David Curwood

Operations Manager, Ross Cosmetics

“I would recommend this workshop to others who are thinking of going on the Lean Journey”

Paul Greaves

Production Manager, Ross Cosmetics

“We could see the benefits straight up – this is the way the workshop gave us the tools to change.”

Taz Hatzi

Compounding Supervisor, Ross Cosmetics

“Great course, lots of usable ideas.”

Greg Peck

Tyco Plastics

“Fantastic course for any industry. I would recommend to anyone who is looking to reduce waste & add value in any operation.”

Mohanan Thywalapill

Vice President Manufacturing Operations, Siemens-AVO

“I have done many training sessions on 5S, TPS, TPM, etc. Lean Capabilities are able to present the fundamentally important aspects of these philosophies without focussing on less important things like japanses terminology. Presented in easy to understand, every-day English!”

Scott Grewcock


“Excellent seminar (WORKSHOP) on a new approach to work related & general thinking – Highly recommended!”

Andrew Harking

Draftsman, AG Coombs

“A great way to be able to look for continuous improvement in day-to-day tasks and procedures, for a more efficient workplace and less stressful environment. We will implement many of the aspects in the near future.”

Dean Russell

Maintenance Coordinator, Australian Bulk Minerals

“I found all the information very relevant to “real world” situations with the right amount of theory and practical combined. Examples given were tangible and could be related back to situations currently in or from the past. Highly recommended for those who want to have a competitive edge.”

Pierre Franz

Lean Specialist – Swift Metal Services

This training whet the appetitie for appreciating what can be achieved through the Lean Principles.”

Nick Lawrence

Hardchrome Engineering

“Use of simple ideas to make a huge outcome.”

Orlando Iluffi


“The workshop has provided the necessary skills to take away and begin the ‘Lean Journey’ back at work.”

Paul PingNam

Business Unit Manager, Rosebank Engineering

“Even though as a business we were using many of the lean tools, the workshop helped us identify improved ways of applying them to business opportunities.”

Andrew Meek

CEO, AW Bell

“The simulation sessions were outstanding in demonstrating principles.”

Jerry Kops

Program Manager – Aerospace Automation, Marand

“Excellent practical examples of how to implement lean thinking, Simple and effective delivery. Changed my perceptions.”

Kirk Berenger

Lead Engineer, Chemring Australia

“This course has given me a lot of insight into effective lean management.”

Ken Raphael

Integra Packaging

“I found the course fast paced but good to follow, worksheets on performance of our own company, was good to get a picture on things.”

Andrew Hoare

Albins Off Road Gear

“Mostly common sense issues that many would not see on a daily basis, yet also other issues and solutions on a practical level.”

Lauma Cirulis

Gryffin P/L

“Excellent simulation tool – really helps to put theory into a practical test case.”

Lee Martin

Executive Director, Access & Organisational Improvement, Melbourne Health

“Exceeded expectations! Improving the performance of the business over the last 2-days by 1000% in the simulation exercise. There is huge potential integrating these principles and practices into the workplace.”

Michael Dean

National Engineering Manager, Bluescope Steel Service Centres

“The workshop is ideal to add concepts to many business types, even physiotherapy practices!”

Adriane Hilder

Practice Manager, MD Health

“The course re-confirmed the direction we would like to steer our team in at ARC.”

Christopher Tibb

National Continuous Improvement Engineer, Australian Reinforcing Company

“This course has shown me how we can improve our company “BIG TIME”. I had some knowledge of lean when we started, but now I can take this back to our workplace and implement what I’ve learned. Thank you very much!”

Allan Straub

Quality Manager, Universal Fencing

“A very practical and easily visualised system that can be applied to all areas of a business.”

Leo Boesten

Sales Manager, Boral Concrete

“Dennis was able to demonstrate workshop the typical process Continuous Improvement methods & application in a way that reinforced the learning in an enjoyable way.”

Jim Kefaloukos

Quality Assurance Manager, GHD

“The workshop has been very well presented and the hard copy resource manual will be used regularly back at the workplace. The simulated exercise is a practical learning opportunity to apply the theory and teamwork.”

Denise Heinjus

Exec. Director, Nursing Services, Melbourne Health

“Thorough explanation of Lean & approach for problem solving; Hands-on approach to understanding of Lean to satisfy customers’ requirements and improve efficiency.”

George Papas

Dolphin P/L

“Dennis, our organisation has been on the path toward lean for a few years and we’ve have been learning as we go. I found your three day workshop most valuable as it reinforced my overall concept of what lean is about as well as offering tools to help our organisation continue down the lean journey. It also gave us a structure toward implementation, something that many people that I have engaged over the years have struggled with..”

Ricardo Alonso

Manufacturing Manager, MAHLE Engine Components Australia

“Very interesting! The course has been beneficial and I can see that we will be able to put a lot of this into place.”

Jason Birtwistle

General Manager, MES

“Thorough explanation of Lean & approach for problem solving; Hands-on approach to understanding of Lean to satisfy customers’ requirements and improving efficiency.”

George Papas


“Simple but remarkably relevant hands on process was utilized to demonstrate lean concepts.”

Maurice Gonella

AI Aerosonde

“Being involved with various lean programs I found this approach much more beneficial. The simulation approach was a great example of understanding the methodology and different skills required to implement Lean. The maturity profile was a great tool to identify current and future improvement opportunities.”

Robert Giammario

Process Improvement Manager, Tieman

“Some real food for thought with techniques to use in an office/administrative process/policy development / implementation environment.”

Ian Vague

Manager, Office of the Under Secretary, Department of Human Services

“The workshop is very very good.”

Jasvir Singh

Production Manager/Continuous Improvement Manager, Hilton Manufacturing

“I found the workshop to be enlightening and it opens up the mind to new ideas.”

Darrin King

Senior Compounder, Ross Cosmetics

“We really enjoyed the lean workshop sessions. The most interesting bit was the simulation runs— creating artificial bottlenecks, and then resolving quality issues, set-up time reduction and optimising line efficiency etc was really great! Enjoyed to the fullest extent!.”

Ashok Prasad

Senior Engineer, Hawker De Havilland

“Very valuable workshop.”

Nez Avdic


“Hands-on simulations were highly educational and a lot of fun.”

Simon Kowalyk

Industry Skills Advisor, DIIRD / Swinburne