Case Studies

Game Changing – Micreo

In just 2 weeks, Micreo improved their first-time-quality, reducing their re-work from 30% down to 10%, and reduced WIP (work-in-progress) freeing up around $60-70,000.  They invested $2.50 worth of colored tape, plus some brain-power,to do this.
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Game Changing – SEM Fire & Rescue

In just 3 hours, reduced a frequent task from 60 min down to 1 min – a 98% reduction in time.

SEM Fire & Rescue applied what they learned to create a quick turn-around in their business., including several dramatic chances that have taken less than 24 hours to implement, with no capital investment.
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Game Changing

Anthony Gardiner introduced some modern low-cost/high-tech tools and some ‘no-tech’ good old-fashioned thought-power to achieve massive time reductions in manufacturing, service and administrative tasks. This allowed him to reduce order-to-delivery times of large gantry cranes from an industry average of around 10-12 weeks, down to 4 weeks.
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Anthony Gardiner’s Success Story (audio interview)

Applying new thinking and innovative practices to slash maintenance costs create widespread business improvement. One simple example reduced maintenance costs by 75% from $200,000/year down to $50,000/year, while improving uptime and reliability;
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