Game Changing!

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Game Changing results can be achieved in your business in a number of ways. It’s really about doing the right thingsand doing them well. This can produce a 10 fold time saving in many business processes, and make things simpler for the workers at the same time. Here’s what I mean – then later I’ll show you how:

Case Study 1.  Anthony Gardiner, Managing Director of TAG.

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Creating Game Changing results doesn’t have to mean going hi-tech, even though Anthony has introduced some modern low-cost/high-tech tools.  They can also be achieved by applying some ‘no-tech’ good old-fashioned thought-power. Anthony applies both at the same time.

Anthony mentions the Lean Logic workshop that started it all for him – this was the ‘thought-power’ aspect.   Here’s a brochure.


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Case Study 2.
Wayne Weller, Business Development Manager, Ambassador Industrial

Ambassador are renowned as a local manufacturer of high quality rubber products. Their quality is so good that they export finished products around the world. They are specialists in their field. Yet this doesn’t automatically make them specialists in business processes and manufacturing production flows. They face challenges, just like every other business. But what they’ve learned recently from Lean Logic has been a game changer for them, with application at their local production facility, AND the additional one they’re building in Malaysia.

Ambassador started their Lean journey at  Lean Logic workshop earlier this year, and are busy implementing what they’ve learned.

Excellent exercise and a great opportunity to understand relevant and practical system applications.  Lean Logic has provided us with easily understood practical philosophies and processes that if adopted and sustained must deliver improved efficiencies and deeper bottom-line results to any business. A great experience!
Wayne Weller, Manager, Ambassador Industrial

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So, creating game-changing results in your business can start by learning how to view your business differently, and doing some things in your business a little differently from the way you did them before…making sure you’re doing the right things.

Or, it can be about being innovative, doing things VERY differently from your competitors–even in a mature market.

The question is, how do you know what ‘the right things’ actually are? Then, how do you learn to do them well’?

Participating in a Lean Logic Workshop is a great start, even for the well experienced:

This workshop has enabled me to re-evaluate LEAN and productivity as it applies to our business, and given me ideas to implement in the business. Even though we have tackled this subject over the past few years, this workshop was a very valuable experience.
Tim Shaw, Managing Director, Micreo Ltd (Qld)
  • After the workshop, Micreo rapidly implemented a number of improvement actions. A simple one of these produced astep-change reduction in rework from 30% down to 10% in one of their key products! This is saving tens of thousands of dollars per year, and countless hours of work.

People often tell us that they really need to come to our workshops and learn how to harvest some of their lost time back…and they’re right. But unfortunately, some of them put off the important for the short-term urgent, and find themselves trapped in a cycle of fire-fighting. You may be one of them.

Yet others MAKE the time and effort and travel from far and wide to do so, seeing it as a strategic investment in their future.

Excellent workshop – well worth the trip from Brisbane (to Melbourne). Many great ideas on how we can improve our business in an ever increasingly competitive and difficult market place.
Jeff Abell, Chief Operations Officer, Micreo Ltd
and even flying from the USA to participate:

I have studied this topic extensively in the past, but this course was very well presented and some of the explanations were very good, simple and clear compared to presentations I’ve attended in the past.
Dennis Luchtefeld, Operations Management, SORD USA


Strange that some people are perpetually too busy to make the time to participate…but always find the time to fire-fight.

If you’ve had enough of the fire-fighting, or just want to make some Game Changing moves in your business, then maybe it’s time you and your colleagues participated in our next workshop. It’s the right thing to do, and the workshop has a 100% money-back guarantee.

So don’t waste time putting it off, procrastinating, or making excuses. Contact us now and see how we can help you achieve your business goals.

I’m really looking forward to it.

May your business be…what you make it: Game Changing!