Game Changing – SEM Fire & Rescue

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In 2011, SEM Fire and Rescue was having significant financial difficulties, with serious threat of collapse​. They were suffering from antiquated practices. Pierre Sidorow was then appointed as General Manager.  In his presentation below, Pierre shows how they’ve made some simple and rapid changes to turn SEM around.

  • In just 3 hours, reduced a frequent task from 60 min down to 1 min – a 98% reduction in time.
  • They’ve made several such dramatic and lasting changes that have taken less than 24 hours to implement, with no capital investment!.

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Under Pierre’s leadership, SEM Fire & Rescue has been applying the Lean philosophy across the company and it is now growing rapidly and healthily, with many more examples than just the one in the video excerpt above.

As a member of the Lean Logic Consortium, SEM F&R, Pierre and his team participated in one of our Lean Logic workshops.

Getting Rapid Results In Your Business

If you’re serious about driving rapid and long-lasting improvements in your business, and would like to discover what Pierre and his colleagues discovered, then contact us now and let’s have a chat.

You can also download the brochure related to our workshops.