Game Changing – Micreo P/L Presentation

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Since you’re here, you’ve probably already seen some of the game changing results produced by other Lean Logic clients, and are wondering, if it really is that simple, why aren’t all companies doing it?

Well, IT IS THAT SIMPLE!…So, let’s have an open-minded look at the evidence, and let the evidence speak for itself. Then we’ll have a look at steps you can take to transform your business…rapidly!

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Transformation Can Be Rapid

In the video, Jeff tells of an idea from an exercise in our workshop that…

  • He implemented within about 2 weeks of the workshop;
  • It cost about $2.50 in tape;
  • In one area alone it reduced their work-in-progress inventory by $60-70,000;
  • The workers love it;
  • It provides immediate process ‘visibility’
  • It has improved work-load levelling amongst workers;
  • In a similar timeframe they had a step-change reduction in rework from 30% to 10%;

…and Tim Shaw (Managing Director at Micreo P/L) said:

“The biggest advantage in the system is it is self-managing – a big advantage that we probably haven’t fully realised as yet, because people are feeling good about it and everybody knows what’s going on…they can manage it themselves…and that’s a powerful motivator and morale booster.”

If It Really Is That Simple, Why Aren’t All Businesses Doing It?

A lot of businesses have tried Lean. Or have they really? A lot of businesses have failed. A lot of businesses have got some results…but nowhere near what they could have achieved.

There’s a lot of reasons that Lean initiatives fail, and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Unfortunately there’s also a lot of training organisations that have popped up and jumped on the Government funded bandwagon, using trainers who may have ‘read the book’, but who don’t have deep experience in Lean and don’t really know what they’re doing. Their focus isn’t business transformation, it’s signing up companies and ‘delivering training’. Now I’m not saying there aren’t any good ones out there. I’m just saying that they are few and far between. Just ask them what tangible business results they’re willing to guarantee, and watch them run a mile.

So, a number of businesses have been burned in the past, and are sensibly sceptically when people make claims of fast and tangible results – particularly since there’s so much misinformation out there. So, getting people to listen to something new is a challenge.

  • As recent as the 17th Century, people still thought that the sun revolved around the Earth…even though Galileo had the proof that it didn’t!  But who was willing to listen? People were so wrapped up in their own beliefs, their own ‘paradigms’, that they weren’t willing to be open minded.
  • Galileo was imprisoned for his beliefs and he must have been hugely frustrated.  When it comes to people not willing to be open minded to our proven approach with Lean I get hugely frustrated too. Frustrated because in Australia we’re already struggling with inefficiencies in our manufacturing, health and other sectors yet relatively few are willing to open our eyes and look at our own examples of Worlds Best Practice, what they’ve done in common to get there, and to adopt some of the simple things they are doing.

What Do They Have In Common?

If you look at the case studies, you’ll find common factors are that Senior Management:

  • Prioritise Lean business improvement as a high-priority strategic initiative
  • Have made time to participate, with their subordinates in our Lean workshops
  • Have gained fantastic insights from our learning-by-doing hands-on Lean Logic workshops.

Here, over 2 days, we simulate a typical business, and take it through a lean transformation, covering the critical Leading and Managing Change aspects as we go.

…………..Download the Brochure.

But We’re Different…Are You Sure It Can Work In My Type of Business? …YES!

A process is a process is a process.  The principles apply to all business types – even in not-for-profit organisations. Have a look at the following testimonials. If what we teach applies in their businesses, then rest assured that it DOES apply, directly, in your business, regardless of type or size!

“Excellent simulation tool – really helps to put theory into a practical test case.”
Lee Martin, Executive Director, Access & Organisational Improvement, Melbourne Health

“If I only implement half of what I have learned, the difference will be substantial!”
Vicky Brown, Change Management Advisor, City of Casey
“Dennis & Paul really know their Lean stuff and gave us (experienced Lean practitioners) more tips and advice to use in our work.”
Richard Chapman, Lean and Six Sigma Improvement Project Leader, Dep’t Human Services


Are There More Presentations Demonstrating Such Quick Results?

Yes. There will be another presentation uploaded soon…that once again demonstrates how great results can be achieved rapidly, and how direct involvement from the Leadership team is one of the most crucial aspects in achieving deep and sustainable results through Lean implementation. Without this, businesses may achieve pockets of excellence, but will not achieve their full potential, through engaging all of their people.

May your business be as you make it.