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90-day business collaboration program to

Fast track performance & competitiveness

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Finally... A Proven approach to achieve Superior business outcomes

  • Get product out the door faster
  • Improve quality and reduce costly mistakes
  • Increase capacity without additional cost
  • Engage the team more effectively where everyone works towards a common goal
  • Improve cash flow and profits
  • Make the business easier to manage & control with fewer headaches
  •  Reduce the need to hire additional people to meet customer demand

When the same old approach that yields less than desirable outcomes is just not cutting it, it’s time for a proven approach with sustainable benefits.

It’s been just on 4 weeks since we participated in the workshop, and we’ve already implemented some simple and cost-free changes that are saving us around $10,000 a week. I can see that this is just the tip of the iceberg! Future changes are going to enable us to significantly reduce costs and manufacturing times while improving our quality and making it a better place to work for our employees. I’m keen to send more of our employees to your next workshop so that we can accelerate the gains.
Anthony Gardiner
[Former] Director
JDN Monocrane

Program Summary

Alignment Session
2-day 'Business Traction' Workshop
(for up to 4 participants from your company)
Business Performance Assessment / Review
Guided Planning Session to identify targeted project(s)
Work on specific projects in your business with targeted outcomes
Fortnightly visit to program-member site
Fortnightly Expert Coaching, Mentoring & 'Accountability' calls
Access to Lean Logic Tools and Templates
Lean Logic 1-day Wrap-up Conference

We’re limiting the number of like-minded, non-competing participants in the program to ensure best results for all.

The next step, if you’re interested, is for us to have brief discussion where you can find out more about the program.

Created by Business Improvement Expert

Dennis Keay

Dennis is an Engineer with over 30 years industrial experience. Many of these years have been in Project Management, Maintenance Management and implementation of Lean Best Practices and Quality Systems. This is supplemented with an MBA and formal qualifications in Assessment and Workplace Training.

Dennis is trained in various problem-solving, facilitation and coaching techniques, and in continuous improvement methodologies.

His philosophy is to work with people at both strategic and operational levels within an organisation, to help them develop internal capabilities that deliver continuous improvement outcomes and sustainable results.

Increased machine efficiency from 24% up to 49% in 1 month;

Target was to reduce lead-time by 20%, but we were able to reduce lead time from 28 days down to 15 days (46% reduction) in 2 months.

Sam Bell
A.W. Bell

Leverage expertise and collaboration to achieve greater results with less effort

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