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Achieve more with less

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About the webinar

With an increase in difficulty attracting skilled and unskilled workers, outside the box solutions are becoming more and more sought after.

When looking at ‘why‘, the main reason is to increase supply and keep up with demand, so that the business can generate greater profits.

This live and interactive webinar is designed to introduce you to a newer way of approaching the above, without becoming reliant on a bigger workforce, a path that is becoming more and more difficult with the introduction of COVID-19. 


Dennis Keay
Managing Director
B.Eng. (Hons), M.Eng.Sci, MBA

Project Management, Maintenance Management and implementation of Lean Best Practices and Quality Systems.

Daniel Rivera
Operations Development Manager

Direct Sales spanning various industries,  development of sales strategies, system integration and automation.

why business leaders engage us

To be fair, we can't list every reason but here are some of the most common ones. How many will be relevant to you?

  • Increase net profit
  • Reduce unnecessary costs
  • Keep up with customer demand
  • Reduce / eliminate costly rework
  • Improve quality
  • Reduce lead times
  • Improve On-time delivery
  • Attract and keep skilled workers
  • Obtain consistant sales leads
  • Free up time to work ON the business instead of IN the business

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It’s been just on 4 weeks since we participated in the workshop, and we’ve already implemented some simple and cost-free changes that are saving us around $10,000 a week. I can see that this is just the tip of the iceberg! Future changes are going to enable us to significantly reduce costs and manufacturing times while improving our quality and making it a better place to work for our employees. I’m keen to send more of our employees to your next workshop so that we can accelerate the gains.
Anthony Gardiner
[Former] Director
JDN Monocrane