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Issue date: 01/01/1970

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Your business is a bit like a bike chain...when under pressure, the chain breaks at the weakest link. To strengthen the chain, it makes sense to start working on the weakest links before the strongest ones. The same goes for your business! To increase its performance, you need to work on the weaker areas before the strongest ones, and one of the key ways to find those weaker areas is to do a Business Assessment, and that’s what you’ve just done.

But finding where those weaker areas are, and knowing how to strengthen them, are two different things. Also, knowing what to do to strengthen them usually requires an understanding of why they’re weak in the first place. There can be several reasons!

For example, your business could be weak in terms of Sales numbers due to poor marketing, or the price is too high, or delivery times are too long, or the product quality is low, or the market demand for that type of product has decreased or disappeared, or some other reason.

So, this Assessment is an indicative tool only and is based on your self-assessment scores. Its aim is to help you identify the areas of relative strength and weakness in your business, and provide you with some generic information that may help you strengthen your business and make it more productive, profitable and valuable. Because we don’t know the specifics of your business and its operating environment we can’t give you any specific recommendations as to what you should do. So, you are entirely responsible for any action you may take. In that regard, we’re not accountants, financial planners or lawyers, and hence we don’t provide financial or legal advice because we’re not qualified to do so.

Also, there are a number of things that we can and do assess in a business, which are beyond the scope of this assessment tool and report. Those typically require a more in-depth assessment, so this current assessment should give you a good snapshot of where you’re at.

If you’ve scored low in certain areas, don’t be disappointed or dismayed. In fact, be happy, because these are often areas of greatest opportunity. They may currently be holding your business back, and often, small changes in these areas can lead to a large improvement in overall business performance. Somethings it’s a bit like having a flat tires that just need a bit of air!

I hope this high-level Assessment Report sheds some light onto your business and leads you towards significant advances in your business’ performance and value.

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