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Career Progression

$ 10 per month
  • Practical tips & tricks
  • New content fortnightly
  • Exclusive to subscribers
  • Month by month - No lock-ins

Helping young engineers rapidly advance their careers

Dennis’ coaching and mentoring enabled me to land a Professional position, receive 2 promotions and negotiate a 50% salary increase in just 3 years.
Vivek Chathempalli Masters in Manufacturing & Engineering Management

Learn Leadership & Career Progression Secrets they Don't teach you at uni

  • Identify your critical knowledge gaps and how to bridge them

    Understand yourself and others: Guided Self-Assessment

  • Enhance your performance, visibility and reputation

    Identify opportunities others miss

  • Develop your self-promotion skills

    Learn how to impress your boss and their boss

  • Enhance your Leadership potential

    Learn psychological keys to influencing others and key change management skills

  • Identify your true worth

    Improve your salary negotiation skills

  • Improve your interview technique, confidence and performance

Finally… A Proven approach to improving your career progression and negotiating a better salary

We helped Vivek get a 50% pay increase. What would a 10% increase look like for you?

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Peter Osmotherly – Amazing business results PLUS career progression in 2 companies!

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What else is included?

Weekly coaching sessions

Coaching is important because it helps you clarify how the concepts you’re learning can be applied to your specific situation, and helps you plan next-step action items.


‘Hot-seats’ are where individual participants volunteer a particular situation they’d like help with and we dive deeply into the situation. Then we, and the rest of the group, provide suggestions and feedback.

It’s an activity where the whole group learns from the experiences of others.


The workbook will help re-inforce learnings and provide weekly exercises so you can apply what you learn as you go.

Stand out amongst your peers as you drive improved business performance for your employer

Don't miss out! Limited spots available.

What you’ll learn, why & how


How to influence others, at all levels in the workplace


  • So you can get better results and enhance your effectiveness and overall job performance
  • So you can impress your boss and his/her boss


Training and Coaching


How to identify time and money saving opportunities for the business that others miss, and how to capture them


  • So that you can add much greater value to the business than they’re expecting
  • So that you can stand out and demonstrate your potential


Training and Coaching


We’ll help you identify your critical knowledge gaps that may be limiting the speed of your career growth


  • Because everyone has ‘blind spots’. Finding yours will help you see things differently, bridge knowledge gaps, and make you more well-rounded


  • Training and Coaching
  • Guided self-assessment


What bosses and others really want


  • Because it’s things they DON’T normally tell you
  • You can get anything you want if you help enough others get what they want


Training and Coaching


How to 'sell' yourself, improve your interview technique, confidence and performance


  • To help improve your job and promotion prospects
  • To help you better negotiate pay increases


  • Training and Coaching
  • Hot Seats


How to justify your true worth


  • To help improve your job and promotion prospects
  • To help you better negotiate pay increases


  • Training and Coaching
  • Exercises


only $10 USD

month by month – no lock-in contracts


Q: What industry does the program target?
A: The program is not industry specific. The skills and insights learned are transferable.

Q: Are these job related tools or tools to build confidence in getting a job?
A: It addresses the needs of both, though will probably help those who are already employed more than those who are unemployed because they’ll be able to practice more of the skills during their current employment and have more opportunity for promotion. (It will also help them in building additional confidence when applying for jobs elsewhere.)

During the coaching sessions we can apply more focus in one or other direction depending upon the needs of the person asking the question or the direction the group wants more emphasis on.

Q: What is the field in which the program will be based?
A: The program isn’t based around any specific field of engineering. In fact, the majority of principles covered apply to fields other than engineering. However, the logic, analytical capabilities and disciplines that engineers have puts them in good stead to effectively apply all of the concepts.

The additional reason the program is great for engineers is that they’re typically very ‘left brain’ logical/analytical, yet they need to interact and influence many ‘right brain’ people to be outstanding in creating results in their business and to most effectively navigate their career path. It’s because of this that the program has been developed and will be run by Dennis (an engineer) and Daniel (a non-engineer, who is expert in the psychological / ‘human factors’).

Q: Sounds interesting, but what if I’m happy with the direction and path that my career is taking at the moment?
A: The program isn’t just about career direction. It’s also about increasing speed in that direction while enhancing the performance of the business you work for.

One of the many by-products is the ability to increase your value to the business and better negotiate pay increases and promotions.

Learn from

Dennis Keay

Engineer, Business Owner, Executive Mentor & Business Coach

Daniel Rivera

Recruiter, Personality Profiler, Business Mentor and Coach

My association with Dennis Keay commenced way back in 1995. He played a key role in my first job in Australia and this direct relationship has continued since then. He’s been my mentor and had a big influence in my career growth.

He and his team at Lean Logic look at and analyse things from a totally different perspective. For any young engineer wanting to accelerate their career progression, I’d highly recommend having them as mentors.

They’re also my ‘go to’ for anything Lean and/or Six Sigma.

Sunil Prabhakar

Sr. Cost Controller
Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt

Amazing the amount and depth of knowledge Dennis was able to bring to the table for me to learn from.

Dennis’ training and mentoring has enabled me to continue to develop and grow my career.

Peter Osmotherly

Masters Manufacturing, Management, Continuous Improvement
Six Sigma Black Belt