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For engineers who want career advancement sooner

Career Accelerator
4 part mini-series

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Dennis’ coaching and mentoring enabled me to land a Professional position, receive 2 promotions and negotiate a 50% salary increase in just 3 years.
Vivek Chathempalli Masters in Manufacturing & Engineering Management

Learn proven Career Progression Secrets University and your employer don't teach.

  • Applicable to all industries
  • Watch on your way to work or at home
  • An efficient structured approach so you don’t waste time self educating

Career progression is only as difficult as you want to make it. If you want to progress in fewer years, click the button below and get started.

We helped Vivek get a 50% pay increase. What would a 10% increase look like for you?

Stand out amongst your peers as you drive improved business performance for your employer

My association with Dennis Keay commenced way back in 1995. He played a key role in my first job in Australia and this direct relationship has continued since then. He’s been my mentor and had a big influence in my career growth.

He and his team at Lean Logic look at and analyse things from a totally different perspective. For any young engineer wanting to accelerate their career progression, I’d highly recommend having them as mentors.

They’re also my ‘go to’ for anything Lean and/or Six Sigma.

Sunil Prabhakar

Sr. Cost Controller
Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt

Amazing the amount and depth of knowledge Dennis was able to bring to the table for me to learn from.

Dennis’ training and mentoring has enabled me to continue to develop and grow my career.

Peter Osmotherly

Masters Manufacturing, Management, Continuous Improvement
Six Sigma Black Belt