$100,000 additional profit offer
We're out of lockdown and looking to make a massive impact in the manufacturing and trades based sector. We're offering to identify how your business can add $100,000 or more in PROFIT each year.
For only $ 2,750.00
usually $ 2,750.00


This offer is NOT available to everyone – it’s by invitation only. It’s only open to businesses where we suspect we can add substantial value. Yours is one of them. That’s why you WON’T see this promotional offer advertised anywhere.

We’re only offering this to a small number of companies in select geographical regions.

How it works

  • We do an objective Diagnostic Assessment of your business, aimed at identifying where you can add ≥ $100k PROFIT to your business each year.
  • We summarise our findings in a report, together with key recommendations you can action to unlock that additional $100k profit.
  • If we can’t identify at least $100k additional profit, we simply email you the Report, with some key recommendations for you with no obligation.

    If we CAN identify at least $100k additional profit, we PRESENT our findings to you* in person, with recommendations, together with an opportunity for us to help you achieve the ≥ $100k profit

The process

Assessable areas

We start by establishing a base line, where you are now and what specific areas of the business are driving your profits down. What areas are responsible for costs like overtime and what things in your business keep you from getting home to the important part of life.

*Radar char: Sample elements shown
Some tools used

FREE Discovery session

Exploring key business goals, challenges and current status

Risk identification

Mapping critical gaps

Cause and effect

Identify root causes of problems to be tackled

Opportunity identification

Identify largest opportunities for improvement impact and greatest ROI


Financial and capacity improvement projections of 5% net profit or more

The point here is, we have the tools and experience to make the headaches you’re likely experiencing become a thing of the past.

What you’ll get

Report containing

  • Reasons your profits are taking a hit
  • Why the business seems more difficult to run than it should be
  • How to get your team more engaged and free up your time
  • How to finally achieve a good night’s sleep

Ready to take up our offer?

Email us with your details at using “$100k profit” as the subject line.

Alternatively, you can text your details to 0431 927 337 using “$100k profit” as your first line.

We’ll be in contact within 2 business days to get the ball rolling.

Limited spots available. First in, best dressed.

Skeptical and want proof?

Hear first-hand from some of our clients on what we’ve been able to help them achieve