Terms and Conditions for the Business Accelerator Case Study Pilot Program.

In registering to participate in the Case Study Pilot Program, it is deemed that the participant understands and accepts these Terms and Condition as a condition of entry.

The Case Study Pilot Program is designed to help participants generate exceptional tangible results during a 6 week program.

It is also designed to generate Case Studies that can be used for Lean Logic P/L’s marketing purposes, hence participants agree that Lean Logic may use their Case Study results and details for this purpose, including the name of their company or business.

The program will be delivered face-to-face, live online (e.g. via Zoom) to the participants in a group environment.

During the program, Lean Logic (Lean Logic P/L) will deliver training, for approximately 60-90 minutes each Tuesday, followed by a group Coaching Session for approximately 1-2 hours each Thursday, where participants can ask questions about the course content, including the training materials, or the projects they are working on as part of the program.

Participants are also expected to devote approximately 5 hours per week to implement what they are learning, in order to achieve results.

Lean Logic cannot control the participants’ actions, and hence cannot guarantee the results that the participants achieve. If they implement no improvements, they will get commensurate results!

Lean Logic will offer insights and advice of a general nature, but is not responsible for any actions taken by participants based on those insights or advice, nor liable in any way for outcomes of actions taken by participants. (These Terms and Conditions are subservient to those outlined within our website https://leanlogic.com.au, and should be read in conjunction with them.)



Participants are via Paypal, including credit card using the Paypal gateway.

Payment arrangements are:

  • All amounts are in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of GST
  • Payment for the program is via Paypal subscription (via the button/link we provide), with:
    • Payment of AU$1.00 in advance of Lesson #1 in Week #1.
      This also covers Coaching Session #1.
    • Automatic Payment of AU$599.00 each week for 5 weeks, approximately 24 hours in advance of the related lesson
  • Cancelation: (‘Love it or leave it’ guarantee.)
    • A participant may cancel at ANY time, having only paid for what they have received.
    • To cancel, they need to go into the Paypal account from which they subscribed, and cancel further subscriptions to the Case Study Program.
      • In the event that Lean Logic provides a simpler way to cancel (e.g. via a link or button), it is still the participant’s responsibility to ensure that the Cancelation has been completed and confirmed via their Paypal account.
    • Upon cancelation, the participant will receive no further access to program lessons, coaching, support or materials.



If the program becomes over-subscribed, Lean Logic may have to limit the numbers of participants in the program.

In the event that this happens, Lean Logic will advise any relevant party of the situation (by email) and refund any payment they have made up until that time.


Denial of Access

  • Lean Logic reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to deny access to the program, at any point of time prior to or during the program, to any person or entity, with or without reason.