Business accelerator Case Study Pilot Program
Teaching you how to maximise profits and cashflow in your business
  • 100% online
  • 6 weeks
  • ONLY $2,996 AUD
  • Trial week 1 for just $1 AUD

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Tuesday ‘Tailored’ Lessons

Thursday coaching sessions + ‘Hot Seats’

Tangible, practical improvements on 1 focused project


What if I can’t make a session?We’ll give you access, during the program, to watch any session you miss.

What if I’d love to participate but can’t make the time at the moment? When will the official course launch?We expect to launch the official course soon after the Pilot Program finishes, though we don’t have an exact date yet.

Just as a heads up:

  • The official course will be launched to a much larger group, and so we won’t have as much time to devote to individual participants at that time… so you’ll get much more personalised attention and support in the Pilot Program
  • The Week 7 and Week 8 bonuses are only available to the Pilot Program participants

The Pilot Program investment has been heavily discounted, and that discount won’t apply to the after launch..

How many participants will there be in the Pilot group?We think a good number is around 12, though we may be persuaded to increase that a little.

How much time do I need?The basic program goes for 6 weeks with 90 minute Training sessions on Tuesdays + 1-2 hour group Coaching sessions on Thursdays.

We recommend investing an additional 5 hours per week implementing what you’ve learned, to SAVE much more time than that that.

We’ve also added Week 7 Training & Coaching sessions as a bonus where we’ll focus specifically on Marketing and Sales.

+ We’ve added an extra coaching session in Week 8 for any questions you may have after the program has finished.

What is a ‘Hot seat’?A ‘hot seat’ is where we ask one of the participants to volunteer to explain their particular situation or challenge so that they can receive suggestions and feedback from members of the Lean Logic team and other participants. Hot seats are designed to help the hot-seat volunteer to overcome challenges that they have identified and progress further and faster towards their desire outcome and goals.

What happens AFTER the program finishes?If you want help to progress further and faster, then we’ve can discuss your particular needs at that time.

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