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Streamline your path to
Australia Permanent Residency

PR Accelerator

  • Online - live & interactive
  • 4 - 8 weeks
  • Weekly content
  • How to approach getting your VISA
  • Sourcing Accommodation
  • Job Acquisition techniques
  • Email support
We helped Vivek and his wife gain their Permanent Residency, migrate to Australia and find accommodation.
Vivek Chathempalli Masters in Manufacturing & Engineering Management

Make your path to Australia permanent residency shorter, smoother and more certian

  • Understand the factors that REALLY contribute to your PR score
  • Learn ways to avoid costly mistakes that will delay progress towards your PR
  • Significantly increase your chances of securing a professional career position
  • Save time, money and headaches as you streamline your path to Permanent Residency

We helped Vivek get a 50% pay increase. What would a 10% increase look like for you?


Live coaching sessions

Clarify how the concepts you’re learning can be applied to your specific situation, and plan your next-step action items. Get direct feedback and guidance to avoid costly mistakes.

Share experiences and learn from other participants.

Interactive and outcome focussed

Investment & Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied, so, if at the end of the 1st week you’re not convinced the program is for you, just let us know why and we’ll provide a 100% refund.

PR Essentials

$ 249

Fortnightly using PayPal Pay in 4
Total $997
  • 100% live online
  • Starts Sunday 25th June
  • 4 Weekly Lessons with Q&A
  • Email support
  • How to be resourcesful
  • Avoiding the common PR traps
  • What Australian employers really look for

PR Ultimate

$ 375
Fortnightly using PayPal Pay in 4
Total $1,500, normally $1,997
  • Everything in PR Essentials
  • 4 additional weeks & greater depth of content
  • Key resource contacts list
  • Job-hunting training
  • Resume & Cover letter feedback
  • Sourcing Accommodation
  • Connecting with the right consultants
Limited Offer


Q: How does it work?
A: There are 2 online sessions per week, the first for training and setting a short exercise. (The exercise is intended to help participants immediately put the learnings into practice and start getting results).

The second weekly workshop is for coaching plus discussion/sharing of exercise results and learnings.

Q: Where is it being delivered from?
A: It’s online and will be delivered by Sidharth Nambiar and Dennis Keay in Melbourne Australia.

Q: What specific industry background does the program target?
A: The program is not industry specific, but we’ve tested it for Indian immigrants to Australia. Many of the principles and practices are general enough that they should apply to most professional disciplines, and we know that they certainly apply to those in engineering.

Q: How do I get in contact with you if I have further questions?
A: You can reach us at with the subject line “Career Acceleration Program Enquiry”

A word from Sidharth Nambiar, Program Director & Co-creator

Sidharth Nambiar
Bachelor of Technology, Masters of Engineering Management

Hi, I’m Sidharth.

I migrated to Australia seeking Permanent Residency (PR) and a rewarding career. It was MUCH more difficult than I expected.

There are many hurdles and obstacles the Immigration Consultants aren’t aware of or don’t tell you about, and many of these I had to overcome by painful trial and error.

While I was working part-time stocking shelves at a supermarket, trying to make ends meet and stressing about my PR situation, I was fruitlessly applying for engineering jobs.

I contacted Dennis Keay for professional advice on an unrelated matter and it turned out that Dennis had much more valuable advice than I had ever anticipated! That advice enabled me to approach and ‘sell myself’ to potential employers in a unique way.

Thanks to this unique approach, I was able to land a full-time job as a professional engineer at a leading Australian manufacturer and significantly accelerated my progress to achieving Permanent Residency in Australia.

I often get asked for advice from others about what to do and WHAT NOT TO DO in trying to gain their PR. Because my wish is to help them and you achieve Permanent Residency and a rewarding career WITHOUT all the stress and time wasting that I went through, and because of Dennis’ wish to support young professionals develop their careers, we jointly developed this program.

I hope it appeals to you and enables you to achieve YOUR PR and a rewarding future career in Australia.


Program Director & Co-creator

Dennis has over 30 years’ experience as a Manufacturing professional and has mentored and employed many young engineers during his career.

These days he is owner and Managing Director of Lean Logic Pty Ltd, a business improvement consultancy, and loves mentoring people and supporting their professional and personal growth.

Having seen the way many employers advertise positions and how recruiters filter through candidates, Dennis could see that the best candidates don’t always get the jobs, and may not even get interviews! That included some of the people he was mentoring!

So, he used his background experience as a manager and employer plus his problem solving and marketing skills to create a unique way to help people market and sell themselves to potential employers.

He initially tried it out with his youngest daughter when she left school with no work experience. It worked incredibly well…so well that she had 3 job offers in the first week in the sector she wanted to work in.

He then used this same approach to help others, at various stages of their careers, find new employment opportunities and even change careers.

It’s the same approach he mentored Sidharth, Vivek and Sunil through…with great outcomes.

Dennis Keay
BEng., MEngSci., MBA
Managing Director - Lean Logic Pty Ltd

My association with Dennis commenced many years ago. He’s been my mentor during my various roles through 25 years in Automotive Manufacturing and had a big influence on my professional career, culminating in Finance Operations Manager and Operational Excellence Master for General Motors. 

I’d highly recommend having him as a mentor.

Sunil Prabhakar

Lean Six Sigma - Black Belt
Sr. Cost Controller
Level Crossing Removal Project

Amazing the amount and depth of knowledge Dennis was able to bring to the table for me to learn from.

Dennis’ training and mentoring has enabled me to continue to develop and grow my career.

Peter Osmotherly

AdvDip Engineering Technology
Masters Manufacturing