Anthony Gardiner’s Success Story

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The audio interview that’s just started, is with Anthony Gardiner, Managing Director of TAG Cranes.

Anthony explains the fantastic results he’s achieved, in quite a short period of time, such as doing in 4 weekswhat it takes his competitors 10-12 weeks to do.

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By applying what he’s learned of recent times, Anthony has achieved extraordinary results, such as:

  • Doing in 4 weeks what it takes his competitors 10-12 weeks to do;
  • Doing much of this with relatively low skilled workers;
  • Achieving 100% on-time delivery record
  • Helping one customer cut maintenance costs by 75% from $200,000/year down to $50,000/year, while improving uptime and reliability.

After 30 years in manufacturing, Anthony thought he knew just about everything there was to know about how to run a manufacturing business.

When we first met, I outlined that much more could be achieved with my help. He was skeptical, but open minded.  He’s now a real Lean convert, and deeply understands what it’s really all about…and it’s certainly not just about training!

Anthony claims that his new understandings have changed his life. In fact, he resigned as a Director (and shareholder) of the company he was with, to set up his own company, with a Lean vision from the Top. That wasn’t long ago…and he’s now setting the benchmark in his industry…an industry that works as a ‘job-shop’, not mass production.

You may be wondering what caused such a drastic change of thinking that led to the above actions and fantastic results. After all, Lean Manufacturing isn’t new.

You’re right, it isn’t new.  The secret is in how it’s judiciously applied! It’s not about the tools!

– Lot’s of companies have had some form of Lean training. Yours may be one of them.

– Lots of people who have ‘read the books’ teach Lean. Few have deep understanding of it.

– Very few companies get staggering results.


  • If your company has had Lean training and is doing Lean, but not getting fantastic results from it, then you may want to ask yourself ‘Why not?…What’s missing?’.


What did Anthony do to achieve stunning results? 

After some initial discussions, Anthony could see the potential benefits of participating in one of our Lean Thinking workshops.

Our workshop contains hands-on practical simulations where participants learn-by-doing, and also delves into the critical Leading and Managing Change and culture change aspects that are necessary for a Lean Transformation.

According to Anthony, the workshop was not just like a ‘light bulb’ coming on, but more like ‘being hit by a lightening bolt’.

  • By immediately applying one concept he’d learned in the workshop, Anthony saved the business $10,000 the very next week (and much more after that).

Since the workshop, I have had the pleasure of working with Anthony and his staff on a regular basis, in a coaching / mentoring capacity. This has helped accelerate and deepen the gains.


Some of the secrets Anthony learned to get great results:

• For best results, the initiative must beled from the top. No question!

• Lean must be an integral part of the Company’s Business Strategy;

• It must be practiced in all parts of the company, not just Production areas;

Effective communication is critical, as is buy-in at all levels;

• Lean is not about the tools; It’s about the THINKING;

• When implemented properly, Lean is an INVESTMENT to NOT a cost;

• Don’t try to go it alone, invest in expert guidance and ‘hand-holding’on the critical few things that really matter.


So…What are the Next Steps for Your Company to Achieve Great Results?

If you’d like to follow a similar business improvement as Anthony, then give me a call so that we can have a chat about your individual needs and circumstances.


Kind regards


Dennis Keay (MEngSci, MBA)
Lean Consultant and Executive Coach
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