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A critical interview insight to sort the chaff from the weeds

By Dennis Keay

After making some poor hiring decisions very early in my career, and living with the considerable pain that caused me and the business, I realised that hiring the RIGHT people was one of the most critical things a business can do. The ‘right people’ are those with the right mix of competence and attitude.

Unfortunately, you can rarely rely on formal qualification to be an indicator of understanding and competence these days, such is the state of the education system, so it’s ‘buyer-beware’ when hiring someone. Your best chance of avoiding hiring a poor-fit candidate is to spend adequate time and rigor during the interview process.

This case study outlines ONE of the key things you can do to achieve that. After applying this rigor I ended up with a truly excellent team that made my work-life so much easier, and productive. 

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